MQ-8 Hydrogen Gas Sensor

This is a simple-to-use hydrogen gas sensor, 
suitable for sensing hydrogen concentrations in the air. 
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This sensor has a high sensitivity and fast response time. The MQ-8 can detect hydrogen gas concentrations anywhere from 100-10000ppm.

The MQ series of gas sensors use a small heater inside with an electrochemical sensor. They are sensitive to a range of gasses and are used indoors at room temperature. The output is an analog signal and can be read with an analog input of the Arduino.
1. Analog output voltage with concentration, the higher concentration, the higher voltage.
2. Has long service life and reliable stability 
3. Rapid response recovery features
 Input voltage: DC5V 
Power consumption (current) : 150 mA 
AO output: 0.1-0.3 V (pollution-free)
Highest concentration of voltage: Approx 4 V 
Detection range: detection range of 10 ~ 1000 PPM
Connection mode: 
 1. VCC: Positive (5 v) 
2. GND: Connect power negative 
3. DO: TTL switch signal output
4. AO: Analog signal output


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