Triple Axis Accelerometer (ADXL345)

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Triple Axis Accelerometer (ADXL345)

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1. Adxl345 digital three-axis acceleration of gravity tilt module Arduino code i2c / SPI.
2. Name the adxl345 module (three-axis acceleration of gravity).
3. use the chip: the adxl345.
4. power supply:3-5v.
5. means of communication: the i2c /SPI communication protocol.
6. measuring range: ± 2g ± 16g.
7. schematics, manuals and reference documentation of relevant data.
8. 51, the AVR, the Arduino microcontroller test code.
9. 3-axis, ± 2g / ± 4g / ± 8g / ± 16g.


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